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Marian Riddell Calligraphy

Lettering Artist

10 Cards for $60

A set of 10 cards that have been reproduced from original art work.  A great set of cards to have on hand.  Happy Day of Birth, You are Amazing, Special Friend, Congratulations, Thank You, Surprise, Heartfelt Sympathy, With Sympathy, Praying for Comfort, Thoughts & Prayers are with You.  Please order below.  Cards are 182 x 117 mm folded and come with an envelope.

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Thank you for ordering from Marian Riddell Calligraphy. Once payment has been made I will post out your order.

Recommended viewing:

Search in YouTubeThe Secret History of Writing.  (BBC Four)

View on YouTube (3hrs of the history of writing). Well worth viewing.

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For some background insight please watch: The Story of Blackletter - Animation by Nadine Resch 

Reviews from recent workshops:

  • Fantastic and enjoyable day. Definitely be enrolling in other classes.
  • Professional 10/10.  Good teaching, very talented, workbooks so well done.
  • Overall an excellent day and amazing value.  Thank you.
  • Thank you for all your patience and great knowledge.

2024 Workshops 

Sorry, No workshops planned at this stage.   Due to an ongoing wrist injury (non dominant hand).

Email me to go on the wait list and I will notify you when I am up and running with workshops.

Commission work is still be accepted.  Contact form at bottom of website.

Thanks so much for your interest.


Skillshare offer calligraphy classes online.  Use the 40% discount code below:!54ee2ef95d!a

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Marian lives in a rural setting close to Hamilton City, New Zealand where she runs her calligraphy business from home.
With over 30 years experience, she has completed a calligraphy course via the Society of Scribes & Illuminators UK (formerly run by the Roehampton University, London).  She has also attended a number of calligraphy workshops tutored by International Calligraphers both here in NZ and in Melbourne. 

Types of work completed:
Names on certificates, wedding stationery/signs, poems, matt boards, name plaques, family trees, presentations, menus, and one off calligraphy pieces.
Enjoy checking out the website and feel free to contact Marian if you have any queries or questions.

Price Guide (in NZ$)

Certificates name & date written in black waterproof/fade proof ink onto pre-printed certificates.
Cost : 1-4 certificates $20 each   

          5-20 certificates $15 each.       

           Colour ink will be an additional cost  

Send me certificates with details to be added, please remember to include extra blank certificates.
Wedding Stationery guide:
Invitations can be designed at a one off cost. Artwork will be ready to take to a printer or print yourself.  
Guest names onto invites - $2 per line in black ink, $2.50 per line in gold or coloured ink.
Envelopes Addressed - $5 per envelope in black waterproof ink, $6 per envelope in gold or coloured ink.
Placename cards -
First name e.g. "Marian" $1.50 per name in black. $2 per name in gold or coloured ink.
First & surname e.g. "Marian Riddell" $2.50 per name in black or $3.50 in gold or coloured ink.
Please allow at least 2 weeks for completion and provide a few spare cards
Calligraphy commission - please contact me for a quote.

Please contact Marian for more information on pricing or to book an appointment.   New Zealand clients only.


Ph: 0210331735 (between 10am - 5pm)

Prices subject to change.

For more information

Contact Marian and provide the following information in your email:

  • Wording and any additional artwork information that is to be used
  • Your completion date
  • Pickup and delivery options (you can collect from Gordonton, or Marian can courier)
  • Quantities necessary for the job
  • Materials you would like used, (ie; paper, ink etc) (Marian will be able to guide you in this choice if you are unsure)
  • Email any images to Marian of what you are after
  • A 50% deposit will be required before proceeding with final calligraphy piece.

The more information the better. 

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Marian Riddell Calligraphy

Custom commissions and workshops

Contact Marian:

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April 2021

Marian Riddell Calligraphy


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